Rapper Truth256 Opens Up About Battle With Drug Addiction

The pain could only be soothed by using again.

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As the world marked mental health day, Rapper Truth256 opened up about his long battle with depression and drug addiction.

Speaking at a World Mental Health Day commemoration event held at the Mental Health Uganda offices in Lungujja, Kampala, Truth said, “Today being World Mental Health Day is a great opportunity for me to share my story as a person who has struggled with depression and addiction for a long time.”
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The rapper
revealed that started using drugs back in high school because it looked ‘cool’ due to the influence of celebrities. The situation escalated when he joined the music industry as he had easy access to drugs and the industry pressures aggravated his depression and anxiety.

“My attempts to give up on using drugs were met with painful withdrawal symptoms that made me so irritable, and sometimes even violent. The pain could only be soothed by using again,” he divulged. Redemption for him came when he went home and opened up about his struggle with addiction and he was checked into a rehab facility.

“Because of some divine power, I found the courage to return home and opened up to them about my struggles. They thought I was running mad and had me arrested. But I got help. I was in rehab for three months and this helped me recover,” The ‘Weena’ hitmaker revealed.

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