Reasons To Believe Sheebah Is Lesbian

Her statements confirm it

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When Sheebah Karungi had just made her maiden entry into the music industry, a time when she had songs like Ice cream.

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There was a strong allegation that Sheebah was having an affair with a female Keko who was by then the best female rapper on the Ugandan.

In fact, she is still the best female rapper in Uganda despite her troubles with drug addiction.

Shortly it was rumored that the couple had broken up and nobody knew why they had broken up.

Since then, no man has ever been factually linked to Sheebah, but her statements of late are pointing us in a certain direction.

Recently in an interview with Alex Muhangi, when asked about marriage, Sheebah said no man can impress her at her stage.

So then should we think it's only women who can impress her? just asking

As if that is not enough, Sheebah also indicated in an interview that she is not a wife material.

“ I am not marriage material. It is not for me, I want to be true to myself.”

If you Know Sheebah’s history, then you know that she is referring to being true to her sexual orientation of lesbianism.

We all know that Uganda does not condone same-sex marriages and that could be the only reason why she has not come out to admit it publicly.

To further confirm this, Sheebah encourages women not to get married and she urges it is not right for women to conform to the norm of society.

What is she encouraging? In a country like Uganda where the number of women is more than that of men, you can imagine what may become of women when they chose to take her advice.

“You don’t have to be married because the society tells you that the norm, it is not for everybody,” she said

To wrap it all up, Sheebah gets infuriated when asked about childbirth, which African woman gets infuriated by childbirth if she is not lesbian?

What Sheebah is doing, is flying under the cover of feminism to cover her tracks of lesbianism. you should all know that 

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