Good Lighting Or Bleaching?

Light is good for them

By  | Feb 23, 2022, 08:00 AM  | Rema Namakula  | Top of The

Rema Namukula before and after bleaching
In a time when even pop culture is trying to promote and celebrate black skin through films like ‘Wakanda’ and music such as Beyonce’s ‘Brown skin girl,’ it appears that the white supremacy mentality is still deeply instilled in our minds, and it’s not going away anytime soon. This can be asserted in the way people are bleaching.

While we understand and appreciate that people have the right to bleach their skins for whatever reasons they may have, we still have to point out that bleaching has some severe side effects. Instead of bleaching, we should embrace positive body image and self-love, for we are all beautiful in our uniqueness.

Today we take a look at some of our Ugandan celebs who have been accused of bleaching their skins; a few names on this list are pretty obvious, although we are sure that one or two will surprise you.

Bad Black

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimba, a.k.a Bad Black, has never denied bleaching allegations; in fact, she is very unapologetic about this fact.
Before landing on, and later fleecing a mzungu businessman known as David Greenhalgh, during her days as a commercial s*x worker, Bad Black was quite dark. 

However, in 2020, the socialite disclosed that she had started to experience the side effects of bleaching and asked her fans to sympathize with her; this was after she noticed that her skin had started turning red.

"Pain. I have bleached too much that my face is turning red, hope you can sympathize with me." She said.

Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi has grown her brand over the years to become one of the most beloved artists. 

The former member of the Obsessions group has a huge fan base who call themselves ‘Sheebaholics’ and adore their ‘queen.’

However, we are curious to know if the Sheebaholics’ memory is as good as ours and whether or not they remember how Sheebah looked like back when she was a member of Obsessions.

It appears that the star is either bleaching herself or money and fame is really good for her skin because sis appears to be a few shades lighter than before.

Rema Namukula

Rema Namukula is another star who is way lighter than before, and netizens believe that bleach has a hand in her transformation.
However, the ‘This is love’ hitmaker has always denied bleaching allegations claiming that it’s just good lighting that makes her appear lighter.

When we meet her in person and make the comparisons ourselves, we will let you in on the tea.

Spice Diana

This young award-winning musician has been gaining popularity ever since she started her music career in 2014. And although she is loved by many, Spice has had her share of critique by netizens for her fashion sense which is often bold and eccentric.
Others have even gone so far as to attack her complexion, which they claim is now lighter than it was when she started her career.

Addressing these claims, Spice Diana came out to defend herself, saying she hadn’t bleached her skin but had edited her photos to appear lighter.

Aisha Salma Nasanga

This former beauty queen, who held the Miss Uganda crown between 2003 and 2004, is very vocal in defending her choices.

Salma, who is a few shades lighter now than she used to be, confessed in an interview that she had bleached because she felt more comfortable in her ‘new’ skin. She also pointed out that her skin was hers, and she was allowed to do whatever she wanted to do with it.

A few years ago, Salma tied nuptials with an older white man. This also got her blasted once again by social media critiques, but it appears that she doesn’t care about public opinion. After all, it is rumoured that the star bleached her face only, leaving her legs in their original colour, and she continued breathing and living like nothing was wrong.

Sherry Matovu

Sherry Matovu is a struggling musician/songwriter who decided to take a break from music and concentrate on a career in cosmetics.
This light-skinned mama is obsessed with looking like a white woman and is even recruiting other women in her campaign through her skin-lightening cream called ‘Sherrycreamz.’

We would like to hear from you as well; what’s your opinion on bleaching? Let us know in the comments.

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