"Remove The Rosary You Put On My Body"- Mowzey Radio's Ghost Demands

He feels it is too heavy on his chest

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It seems the late Moses Sekibogo Nakintiije was also known as Mowzey Radio’s ghost is not resting well with the Angels.

He has demanded his family members remove the rosary that they had put on his body as he was laid to rest.

The Catholic rosary was put in the Mowzey's Radio's casket just close to his chest by his grandmother.

The rosary is which is believed to wield a lot of spiritual power which is disturbing Mowzey Radio's peace

According  to the report, Mowzey Radio’s spirit says that the rosary is so heavy on his chest and he needs it  to be removed,

Having been a true Rastafari, Mowzey Radio never believed in rosaries and most of the Catholic acts but when he died, this rosary was put on him.

Speaking in an interview, Mwozey Radio’s young brother, Fred Kasumba said that the fallen legend’s ghost appeared in his dreams pleading for them to get rid of the Rosary.

He said over three family members have dreamed about Radio’s cry for help.

Kasumba confirmed that the family was taking care of the matter and that there was nothing to worry about since they are believers.

Mowzey was the other half of Radio and Weasel, he succumbed to head injuries after he was involved in a bar fight in Entebbe.
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