End Of The Road For Salvado And Sanyu FM

He shall be missed

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Comedian Patrick Salvado has announced his exit as the morning breakfast show host at Sanyu FM. The comedian has been hosting the show for a period of two years but he seems to be moving on from his role. 

Salvado was hosting the morning breakfast show alongside his co-hosts Yvonne and brand influencer  Deedan Muyira. In a statement which was released by the comedian, he is to host the breakfast show till the end of April. β€œMy Radio journey with Sanyu FM is coming to an end this month. I have met some amazing people, shared some amazing memories and learned a whole lot about persistence.” Salvado wrote.

The Ugandan comedian is set to focus on his comedy show as well as his comedy career as opposed to radio. In his official statement, Salvado expressed that he was unable to focus on two things at once- that being, a radio host and a comedian as well. He added that his busy schedule interrupts his radio schedule which wasn’t beneficial to Sanyu FM.

β€œAfter opening up the economy, my first love stand-up comedy was reborn which meant I would be away from my show most of the time, which is very unfair to my team, Company and my Managing Director. And radio being a real-time job that requires consistency, I felt my absence due to many lined up travels to do comedy which would be bad for the show hence this heavy and painful but necessary decision.” The comedian wrote. 

Salvado first worked as a radio presenter way back in 2011 at Capital FM. At this time, he hosted the Dream Breakfast Show and moved on to the Overdrive Show. His comedy career picked up later in September 2011, when he entertained the Miss Uganda Beauty Pageant. It was then that Salvado had his breakthrough and eased his way into the lime light.

The comedian has headlined prestigious events such as The Stand Up Show in South Africa in 2013. Salvado has consistently been on the fore front when it comes to the entertainment industry. He is the first Ugandan comedian to organize The Africa Laughs comedy show in Kampala. The event was such a huge hit that he gained international recognition later on from CNN. 

Aside from all his accolades, the comedian is quite a philanthropic man who has single handedly made a name for himself. In a bid to assist unprivileged children, Salvado organized a charity called Dawa Foundation which gained massive recognition. 

In as much as his radio career has come to an end, we cannot wait to see the next venture that awaits the great comedian.

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