Sexually Starved Church Singles Gang Up Against Pastor Male For Branding Them Lesbians

God punish you

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Angry Christians on social media ganged up on popular religious sanity defender for alleging that most singles ladies in churches are lesbians.

While speaking to a local TV station last week, Male stunned the public when he argued to the homosexuality trend is more deep-rooted than meets the eye.

He faulted unscrupulous religious leaders for escalating the voice through duping their desperate female followers who are sexually starved that prayer alone would secure for them bonkmates.

Male says that when their horny pots take a while unserviced, they look for solutions among fellow women hence the rise of the abominable habit.

He diagnosed the remedy to be for men to step forward and volunteer to drills the oil in these unexploited fields lest the vice gets established beyond destruction.

The remarks from the man of God however seem not to have gone well with most female churchgoers who faulted him for speaking bad about the temple of the lord.

Others argued that the vice could be much rooted in his Arising for Christ Church which cannot be taken to represent the whole church.

It's however not that the outspoken man of God didn't have followers and support for the remarks.

Some Christians community commended the pastor for coming out to speak the truth, while others shared testimonies confirming the voice in the church.
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