Sheebah Karungi Biography: Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Awards, Fashion, Controversy

Sheebah started with dancing and later became an international star singer.

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Sheebah Karungi moved from being a karaoke, and backup dancer to becoming one of the International stars in Uganda.

Dropping out of school without a solid plan of what to do next, she decided to make use of her talent to make more money, dancing.
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Years later, Sheeba Karungi is now an award-winning songwriter and singer who the youth looks up to. She's also a fashion mogul and a top-notch model. 

Here is how Sheebah climbed the ladder to her success.

Sheebah Karungi Age

Sheebah was born on the 11th of November in 1989. She is 30-years-old. 

Sheebah Karungi Early Life

Sheebah Karungi was born and raised by a single parent, her mother. She was born and raised in Kawempe, a division of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Sheebah Karungi Education 

Sheeba started her Primary education at Kawempe Muslim Primary school.
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After completing her primary studies, she enrolled at Midlands High School but didn’t finish her second senior phase. She only did her senior one level and she dropped out of school due to limited financial resources at home. 

Sheebah Karungi Career

Sheeba Karungi joined the dance group called Stingers in 2004. This was after she dropped out of high school and started dancing in hopes of making a little more income and assist her mother in household duties. 

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In 2006, she left Stingers and joined the music group Obsessions. Sheeba Karungi developed an interest in music and she started recording with the group but eventually left them to start her solo career as a musician.

She released her first official single, Kunyenyenza to the public in 2010. The hit single was produced by Washington with credits to Cindy as a writer.

Sheeba Karungi released yet another singe, Bulikyekola where she featured KS Alpha who is a well-known vocalist in Uganda.

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As Sheeba Karungi was finding her feet in the industry, she released yet another single Baliwa featuring the talented Coco Finger. 

Sheeba Karungi’s career peaked after she released the song, Automatic. It was written by Sizzaman and that led to a complete turnaround of her success. Following the success of Automatic and the combination she had with Sizzaman, the duo released yet another song, Ice Cream.

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After years of creating a name for herself in the music industry, she released her first musical project in 2014 and titled it, Ice Cream - which is a five-track Extended Play (EP) that contained hit singles including "Ice Cream" and "Jordan". The song Ice Cream caused a massive stir, and her E.P instantly became one of the most downloaded albums in Uganda.

Sheeba Karungi released her first album in 2016 and titled it, Nkwatako and she released her second studio album in 2017.
The music industry is not easy and one has to make sure that they work hard to achieve their dreams. During her interview with New Vision, Sheeba advised the upcoming artists to stay true and work hard on their craft.

“Work very hard. It’s like a jungle out here with many animals. Be patient and believe in yourself. People are going to be harsh to you, saying you can’t make it, but you have to be disciplined and humble. Research about music if you love it."

In 2020, Sheebah Karungi went ahead and dropped the Kyoyina Omanya remix and the loved it as she received raving reviews only.

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Sheeba Karungi Awards

When she joined Obsessions Music, her aim as to dance and earn money but this didn’t go as she planned - it led to her successful career as a musician and she earned more than she had aimed for. 

Sheeba is an award-winning singer and songwriter, and here are her awards in her journey of music. As a hard-working musician, walked away with 7 awards in one night at the 3rd HiPipo Music Awards. 
2015 - 3rd HiPipo Music Awards for Best Female Artist
2015 - 3rd HiPipo Music Awards for Best Duo Group Artist, Song of the Year
2015 - 3rd HiPipo Music Awards for Best Ragga Dancehall Song
2015 - 3rd HiPipo Music Awards for Best Afrobeat Song
2015 - 3rd HiPipo Music Awards for Best Afropop Song
2015 - 3rd HiPipo Music Awards for Best Female Artist
2015 - 3rd HiPipo Music Awards for Best Dancehall Artist.
2016 - Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards for Fashionable Music Video of the Year (Uganda)
2016 - Nigeria Entertainment Awards for Best African Female Artist 
2016 - Zzinna Awards for Best African Female Artist, Best Female Artist
2016 - 4th HiPipo Music Awards for Best Artist, 
2016 - 4th HiPipo Music Awards for Best Afropop Song, 
2016 - 4th HiPipo Music Awards for East Africa Best Video 
2016 - 4th HiPipo Music Awards for Video of The Year
2017 - Zzina Awards for Artist of The Year
2017 - Zzina Awards Female Artist of The Year
2017 - Zzina Awards Best Collaboration of The Year
2018 - The Uganda Music Awards for Female Artist of The Year and Abryanz styles and fashion awards

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Sheebah Karungi Fashion

Sheeba is a renowned fashionista in Uganda. She has shown through her Instagram archives what she can do with a combination of her clothes.

Just chillin'

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You can never go wrong with shorts and sneakers

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She has collaborated with top stylists, the likes of Kajuuka Abbas, Mavo Kampala, Kamara Adrian, Sashz Closet and Samali among others, all notable in the fashion industry.

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Sheebah Karungi earned the nickname, Swag Mama. She is a fashion role model to the youth and many models of Uganda. She has also been awarded for her fashion sense and incorporating her artistic fashion side to her music videos. 

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Sheebah Karungi Controversy 

As an outgoing human being and her life being seen by the public, Sheeba Karungi has gone through the following controversial moments and the recent being her father who recently surfaced.

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Sheeba’s father surfaces 

Sheeba Karungi’s father was absent throughout her life and he has recently come out to reach out to his daughter but with an explanation of his absences. This was after visited Vision Group offices, seeking help to link him up with his ‘daughter’, Sheebah and her mother. 

“We had a relationship and she became pregnant with Sheebah but shortly after we parted ways as I was deployed to fight in the liberation of Kampala,” he recollects.

According to Nkyakana, the couple reunited in 1988 and he wa excited to see his first child, and he again had to leave due to being deployed by the Defense Force to fight for the liberation of the country.

“I couldn’t take the baby home because I was living in Bombo barracks. I requested my elder brother who is also the father of Aisha Karungi to help me out,” Nyakana narrates.

Alleged Relationship with Jeff Kiwanuka

Sheeba Karungi’s relationship with her manager Jeff Kiwanuka came under heavy scrunity from social media detectives after they had been spotted together on a number of occasions.

For a while neither denied nor confirmed – until Sheebah Karungi stated that they are not dating and their relationship is strictly professional.

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"What they reported that time is not true. Jeff is my manager guys, you want to dig into it, go ahead. I don’t have time for that, but me as me, when I have something to tell you about my personal life, I will let you know. It’s none of anyone’s business anyway” said Sheebah Karungi. 

Dressing Incident

Sheebah Karungi was warned by Uganda’s pornographic control committee (PCC) over indecent dressing. The committee’s chairperson Dr Annette Kezaabu said at a press conference that Sheebah needs to dress up decently for her to be in public or she will face the wrath of the law. 

"I saw a picture of Sheebah and she was naked. She was only wearing a net with a swimming costume, but even the costume was transparent. Those are some of the people we are going to go after", warned Kezaabu
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Despite the many challenges that Sheebah has faced in her career, she is determined to keep giving the fans what they want. We wonder what will be next in life as she is already a fashion mogul.

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