Shots Fired! Sheila Gashumbe Takes Aim At Broke Artists

Get the money then do music

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If you know her very well, then you sure know that throwing shade or taking jabs at anybody is not anew thing to Sheila Gashumba.

Over the past few years, she has shaded a lot of people like radio personality Kasuku, Tv Host, MC Kats, she bragged about buying the two alcohol and drinks.

She said that about Kats and Kasuku after they two fell out with her.

Trust her to be petty, if she bought you a sweet, or a bottle of water, the day you talk anything bad about her, she will bring the receipts.

She is also responsible for the downfall of the biggest gossip show in Uganda, Scoop on Scoop which used to roast her dry every time she did or said anything.

When she had enough of it her Twitter did the job, created a hashtag-'stop cyberbullying', and before long, Scoop on Scoop was no more.

We are yet to establish who could have tickled her to say this statement.

 There cant be smoke without fire in her world, there must be an artist that could have approached her begging her to give a mention of his or her album.

If we did a wild guess, we think that artist could be Geosteady given the fact that he is the last artist that dropped an album last year 2020.

We can't say Dj shiru or Zulitums because these two have strong management that pushes their music.

That will be a story for another day when we eventually find out. So Sheila took to her Twitter and called out artists to stop doing albums if they don’t have money to push the album and public relations.

“Ugandan artists, please stop releasing albums if u don’t have money for PR to push it.”

She wondered how the artist feels about investing a lot of time in the studio only not to be heard by the audience because they have not marketed the album.

“How do u feel when people don’t listen to your craft after spending all that time in the studio?”

She reminded them that even the biggest artists market their albums and urged the artists to organize themselves.

“Even the biggest artists in Africa market their albums, organize yourselves.”

The Sheila we know cant just write things, this was directed to someone but she just chose to bring it as a general opinion.
We will keep you posted.
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