Singer Jim Nola MC, Being Hunted By Museveni Boys

He Needs His Freedom Back

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Mid last year, 20202, Singer JIM Nola a song titled ‘Bye Museveni’, song was critical of President Museveni, telling him his time was over and it was time for him to live power.

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However, it looks like, the song didn’t rub Museveni the right way as Jim Nola claims that there is a group of men that are trying to locate where he stays so that they can arrest him.

Nola wrote,

“Since the 16th of January my life has never been the same, I am hunted by Police and other agencies in non-uniform. They keep on asking people whether they know where I stay.”

He added that his photo was also pinned at a police station among the wanted people.

“ My Photo is pinned on Police boards of police stations around Kawempe, I wonder why I am I  wanted when am not a criminal?”

He alleges that the men looking for him even went to a place they thought he lived but didn’t find him there.

“Yesterday they came where they thought I stayed, and spent the all day waiting to arrest me, they asked some chapati guy whether he knows my home and he denied knowing.

He added that earlier on they wanted to trap him by disguising themselves as music managers wanting to sing but he sort of skipped the trap.

“Am fed up of hiding like this is not my country, I was forced to switch off all of my business phone numbers and, I put my social media platforms to rest. I no longer work because it is not safe for me to move around.

Nola says he is out of money and soon running out of food his wife and two dogs.
“All my people are in great fear,” he said.

Well, we wish you luck.


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