Singer, Nince Henry Wants To Die

Things Are Not Ok

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It is now close to a year since all performances were put on lockdown following presidential directives.

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This move was put in place to avoid people from crowding and increasing the chances of the spread of Covid19 amongst Ugandans.

Now of an industry the predominantly depends, on-stage performances, life must be hard for them without these gigs.

Among many other artists, singer/songwriter, Nince Henry is crying out loud to whoever can help save his situation because he is not doing well at all.

The singer has threatened to commit suicide if the president does not reconsider lifting the lockdown of performances.

He stated that his landlady was about to throw him out of his apartment because of accumulated rent arrears.

“I am depressed and chocking on debts, my landlady any time from now is going to throw out my belongings,”

Henry is just one of the many artists that are suffering so much under the lockdown, the suffering is louder than their well-being because they have had no income-generating activity for the past year.

It is only right that the president thinks of lifting the lockdown just other sectors like schools and businesses in town have been opened.

Else, we are bound to see some of the worst disasters the music industry has never seen.
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