Spice Diana Is Getting On People’s Nerves

She Must Be Smoking Something

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It was all good until she got extra cars and a team of bodyguards, now she has an entourage and she feels she is entitled to a freeway regardless of whether there is a lot of traffic jam on the road or not.

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There have come several complaints about Spice Diana’s errant character on the road, especially along Entebbe Road.
From the comments we saw, people say that Spice often demands to be given space on the road even when there is a lot of traffic jam, she yells at people and keeps hooting.

This has made them think Spice is overestimating her importance on the road by pulling off such actions.

“she is really overestimating her importance in this country, I on time saw her hooting and shouting in the traffic jam demanding righty to the freeway and Intentionally maneuvered Infront of her, we almost finished each other. I hate that nonsense, she is not above anybody, useless piece of beans,” said Billy Mubiru

Another unhappy netizen said, “she is always throwing this craziness along Entebbe Road, one of my friends saw her doing the same and narrated it to me. Fortunately, I also landed on her doing the same thing, netwetwala. Just pass by those streets once in a while, you might land on her craziness, it’s like she smokes adulterated Sishia before coming on the road,” said Mashonda Ruth.

If what is being said is anything thing to go by, then Spice should be humble on her up, because she might meet the same people on her way down.


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