Spice Diana Denies Claims She Is Beefing With Sheeba Karungi

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Singer Spice Diana and Sheeba Karungi have always held each other in high regard.

While they have not been close friends, the two always respect each other for their talents.

However, rumour mills recently went into overdrive with reports that Spice Diana reportedly teamed up with Cindy Sanyu to fight Sheebah over who is the best female artiste in Uganda.
Spice Diana. Image: Sanyu FM

In 2018, a growing rivalry between Spice Diana and Sheebah came into play when Spice Diana’s rise threatened Sheebah and her throne as far as music is concerned 

This was after Spice Diana bagged the accolade of the female artist of the year at the prestigious Zzina Awards beating Sheebah hands down. 

Spice was asked about Sheebah's MTV EMA nomination later, and she openly said she was happy for Sheebah because she is a good artiste and a friend.

In her response, the “Omushehe” hitmaker emphasized that she can never fued with Sheebah.
Sheebah Karungi. Image: Instagram
‘’She is a good musician and congratulations to her for her nomination. We are friends and forget about the feuds, we cannot fight,’’ Spice said.

According to most music fanatics, Spice acted very mature and deserved to be lauded for that.

It is important to note that Uganda boasts of many female musicians but only the two have been causing ripples in the music industry.


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