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Sings like a superstar, drives like one

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Spice Diana, Spice Diana
Since coming to the limelight in 2014, Spice Diana has spiced up the Ugandan music scenes through her beautiful vocals and top songwriting skills, and we have to admit that we are blessed to have this gem in our midst.

Along with being one of the most sought-after entertainers in the country, Spice who has also created a name for herself beyond the borders has millions of fans on social media who make her an ideal brand endorser. 

Through her music and endorsement deals, Spice Diana has been able to accumulate an impressive amount of money and she is currently one of the richest female musicians in the Pearl of Africa.

And while the Best friend hitmaker works hard to secure the bag, sis also knows how to spend big on herself and the people she loves. Besides building herself a gorgeous house and another one for her grandmother, Spice also loves to arrive in style in sleek cars.

Let’s take a look at some of Spice Diana’s cars that proves that her taste for fine things does not just stop at fashion.

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Toyota Allex

Spice Diana's Toyota Allex, source: Instagram

The pearl White 2006 model Toyota Allex was the first car the singer ever flaunted on social media as her own. As she began to become a famous name, this was the car that was seen in going to shows and going about her errands around Kampala. 

The car comes with an all-wheel drivetrain and produces up to 110 hp. It is a fairly economical car with an engine capacity of between 1,496 and 1,795cc. 

We are not sure if she still owns the car,  or if she already disposed of it, but we think that it was a great first car.  What do you think?

Town Hiace Noah

Spice Diana's car, source: Instagram

Believed to be the second of Spice Diana’s cars, the silver Town Hiace Noah was stolen in Freedom City as the Kokonya hitmaker was performing on stage. The ordeal left her distraught and she even took to social media to ask her fans and the general public to help her find it. 

It has never been confirmed whether the police ever got to recover the stolen car but it seems that never happened.

Toyota Harrier

Spice Diana's Toyota Harrier, source: Instagram

After her previous car had been stolen at Freedom City while she was performing, Spice Diana got a 2008 black Toyota Harrier as a replacement. There were rumors that it was given to her as a gift by her then-manager who was also rumoured to be her lover- Roger Lubega. 

One of the best crossover SUVs in the market at that time, the Harrier comes with a choice of 4 and 6-cylinder engines, paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. Its drivetrain comes in both front-wheel and all-wheel-drive configurations. This beautiful beast of a car goes for around $15,000.


Spice Diana's BMW M3, source: Instagram

Spice Diana has also been seen flaunting a blue 2000 BMW M3 on social media. The open roof luxurious sedan comes with 338 hp (ECE) of power, 365 Nm / 269 lb-ft of torque, and a 6-speed manual powertrain. 

The car is quite fast as it can do 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds only. This German machine costs about $10,000.

Toyota Prado

One of Spice Diana's cars- Toyota TX, source: Instagram

Valued at $50,000, the 2018 Toyota Prado TX is one of the most expensive of Spice Diana’s cars. She bought the car back in 2020 just after acquiring a new mansion. It seems having Roger Lubega as her manager came with a lot of blessings. 

The SUV comes with a 4- cylinder valve engine, 163Bhp @ 5200 rpm of power and 163Bhp @ 5200 rpm torque. The car is perfect for both on and off-road duties and has been the go-to car for many celebrities, especially politicians.

Range Rover Evoque

Spice Diana's Range Rover Evoque, source: Instagram

Arguably the most expensive of Spice Diana’s cars, the 2016 model Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is a beautiful beast. While the rest of the country was dealing with the financial effects of the Covid Pandemic, she acquired the maroon Evoque at the start of 2021.

The car which costs a whopping $28,900 before taxes has excellent on and off-road handling with numerous high-tech safety features. The convertible luxury semi SUV comes with a 2.0L L4 turbo DOHC 16-valve engine and 9-speed automatic transmission and 240 horsepower @ 5500 rpm.

Of course, she took to social media to flaunt her beautiful addition to her already packed parking space. Since buying it, the Range Rover is the most seen of the Spice Diana’s cars as she uses it far more than all the others. We can conclude it is her current favorite.

With the pandemic now behind us, we expect Spice Diana’s car garage to get even fancier as she has recently signed several brand ambassador deals with big brands in Uganda.  As we know celebrities, they will never tire of flaunting their most expensive acquisitions to the public and she is not one to stop it.

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