Stars With A Heart Of Gold

Are these the most generous Ugandan stars?

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Eddy Kenzo
It’s usually such a sweet gesture when people give back to their community once they start reaping big from their exploits. 

Some of our celebs have generous hearts and are known to give help to the less fortunate in the community instead of wasting all their money on alcohol. Here are a few such celebs, what they do will restore your hope in humanity again.

Eddy Kenzo

The ‘Sitya loss’ hitmaker’s story is always inspiring- it’s not every day that a former street boy becomes the first East African to win a BET.

What’s more inspiring about Kenzo is that he has not forgotten his roots and he actively gives back to the less fortunate.

Kenzo runs a number of charitable organizations including the ‘Big Talent Soccer Academy’ and the ‘Eddy Kenzo Foundation International,’ both are centred around helping underprivileged children to have a better quality life.

We should all borrow a leaf from Kenzo and try to go back to our roots and help those that we can.

Patrick Indringi (Salvado)

The man from Ombokolo might be a funny man but when it comes to giving a helping hand, he puts all jokes aside.

Salvado is known for his generous donations to charities- he especially has a soft spot for children’s homes.
In 2016, he participated in a fundraiser drive to raise money for a university student who needed spinal surgery in India. The following year he founded the ‘Dawa Foundation’ which is named in honour of his father and aims to help the less privileged children.

Later in 2017, he donated a percentage of proceeds that he earned from his one-man show, ‘Man from Ombokolo 2’ to two homes for children with special needs.

He continues to give back through his foundation and that might be the reason why he continues to win big in his career. 

Desire Luzinda

Homegirl Desire Luzinda is very passionate about the rights of women, orphans, and people living with disabilities and she is always trying to create an environment where these groups of people are taken care of.

In 2013, she partnered with ‘Uplift A Child’ to collect and donate foodstuffs, beddings, and reading materials to a number of outreaches.
Desire has continued to touch people’s lives through her generous contributions. In 2021, she took a bigger step and officially launched the 'Desire Luzinda Foundation' where she tries to improve the quality of life of communities through empowerment projects such as agriculture and education.

The US-based star who switched sides from secular music to gospel music seems to be following the scriptures keenly, we hope that other stars who decide to follow her steps music-wise also follow her charitable deeds.

Zari Hassan

The boss lady is one of the few socialites with a heart of gold. Zari is one of the wealthiest celebrities in Uganda but she continues to remain humble and she even gives back to the less fortunate.
Zari has in the past made charitable donations to the less privileged in South Africa where she is currently based as well as her home- Uganda.

Last year, she took her charity drive to Tanzania where she visited a number of schools and donated free sanitary pads to school girls. 

As the brand ambassador for Softcare continues to touch people’s lives with her generous heart, it appears that some cons have decided to use her image to extort money from people. As soon as it came to her attention, Zari took to Instagram to warn people against falling for the scammers and make it clear that she doesn’t ask for money for her charity drives.

Anne Kansiime

Anne Kansiime is another comic with a big helping hand. She mainly practices charity through her foundation- ‘The Kansiime Foundation.’
It appears that Kansiime is very passionate about education as her foundation’s mission is to help children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to access education by paying their school fees.

Before starting her foundation in 2016, Kansiime revealed that she had always desired to help the needy for a long time and since her fans had supported her until she became successful, she felt that it was her turn to support others too.  

Which other philanthropic star did we leave from this list? Let us know the kinds of charity they do in the comments.

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