Stop Embarrassing Us- Pastor Sempa To Mirundi Junior

You Are Being Led To Hell

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It is now public secret that Politician Tamale Mirundi’s son- Mirundi Junior is an item with Sugar Mummy Don Zella.

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A lot of people had their views about the incident including Tamale Mirundi who said it was okay for his son to do whatever he wanted for as long as he did not rape some or kiss an animal.

City pastor, Martin Sempa too had something to say about the incident, Sempa castigated the two for being a public nuisance by displaying their undesirable affection in the public.

He described Don Zella as a wolf that was going to lead the young man to hell if he did not take caution of his actions on Don Zella.

Sempa also expressed his displeasure towards how Tamale Mirundi treated the incident by egging on his son to keep on with the embarrassing act.

“Stop embarrassing us, if your father is going to keep quiet about this incident, I will speak about it, you need to avoid such toxic relationships,” Sempa said

Even though Mirundi Junior has denied any intimate relationship with the mother of four, Don Zella has neither denied nor accepted that something is going on between the two.

 The young man also clearly stated that he was above the age of 18 and whatever he was doing is within the normality of his six faculties.

He said he was enjoying his life because life is too short to be shy about the things you desire.

Don Zella has a penchant for young men, this was evident in her first public relationship with Singer Big Eye who was way younger than her.

she financed his life and music career, however, later broke up with him and took all she had done for him.

As they say, history repeats itself, it might as well repeat itself on Mirundi Junior because he might as well be used dumped like toilet paper, only time will tell.

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