Student Suspended From School, Thanks To Bobi Wine

It Is Not Fair

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Primary six student has allegedly been suspended from school, for sticking Bobi Wine posters inside his iron case and refusing to remove them.

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Henry Ssengoba, a pupil at Little Treasures Junior school in Namasuba, has been suspended indefinitely.

This came after his teachers found Bobi wine's posters stuck on his iron case lead.

when the boy was told to remove them, he refused arguing that Bobi Wine is his President and that he has a right to pin his posters wherever he wants.

The administration of the school suspended Henry claiming he would cause strikes in their school as he would influence the rest of the pupils.

This becomes the first time in the history of schools to be suspended from school due to political reasons that have no strong ground.

This sets a very bad precedent for most young men and women who openly express their political inclinations to the public because any attempt to do so may land them in danger.

It has only been happening in government institutions, but it is so sad that it is eating into schools as well.

Bobi Wine should come out and speak up on this matter before many more students get castigated for showing love for their political parties.


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