Super Model, Judith Hard Cries Out

You Cant Break Me

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It all started when the twin mother, Judith Heard posted a picture of her pencil-thin body on the internet.

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Now knowing that she has a good background in modeling, we guess she did not anticipate any sort of backlash from the netizens.

Unfortunately, she got served like never before, netizens rained insults on the twin mother, and the major concern was on her pencil-thin body weight.

Many described her legs as being small like toothpicks, while the other group thought Judith is not eating.

The most bizarre comment was one where someone claimed she was suffering from HIV/ AIDS.

Judith didn’t hold her statements as she clapped back, assuring whoever was body shaming that she was confident enough about her body and nobody was going to bring her down.

Upon that ground, Judith took to her drawing board and came up with a campaign dubbed ‘stop body shaming.

The campaign is aimed at tackling the issue of body shaming that has become so prevalent especially on social media.

The irony of it all is the fact that the majority of people body shaming fellow women are women.

Judith hopes that with this campaign she will help women fight body shaming in the long run, we hope this works and wish her luck.


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