Tamale Mirundi On The Hunt For Don Zella

He wants To Faceoff with her

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“ I will hunt her down, beat her, and abuse the hell out of her”

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This statement from a former presidential spokesperson, Tamale Mirundi comes at a time when his son Mirundi Junior is caught up in an entanglement with city Sugar mummy, Don Zella.

The two have been having a good time together lately, the two have denied any possibility of them having an intimate affair, but the pictures that were circulated on social media that showed the two swapping saliva said I all.

At first Tamale Mirundi was light-hearted about the incident, however, upon deeply analyzing the issue, he has decided to hunt for Don Zella so that she stops misleading his son.

“I want to hunt that woman down and beat her up and abuse her, why is she trying to use my son to spoil the name of my family?”

Tamale said that people are using his son’s naivety to tarnish his family, however, he said he will not let it happen.

He has decided that he is going to take away his son from Uganda so that no women or people can use him against his family name.

“ I am going to take my son to America so that he can study his master’s there, that way no woman will be able to disturb him.”

He added that move will save his son from getting addicted to old women because if he does, young women may begin to shun him because of his bedroom prowess acquired from the old women.

On the interview where the two were hosted, Mirundi Junior still maintained that he was just a friend to Don Zella and nothing was going on between them.

We wish Tamale luck on Don Zella, for she is not a joking subject at all.

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