Tumbiza Sound, Better Than All Wizkid’s Music-Nigerian Funs

Has the song become bigger than it was?

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Tumbiza sound is a club banger with an entire reggae tone vibe that took Ugandans by storm, the song was done by 23-year-old Eric Opoka popularly known as Ezzy.

Much as the song won over the hearts of music lovers, the government of Uganda felt the message behind the song was contradicting the Covid19 regulations put in place to counter the pandemic.

The song was also deemed to have misled a lot of people and subsequently creating complacency amongst many people
As a result, the government through, the ministry of health banned the song from being played on any form of electronic media. 

However, ever since its ban, the song has gained more love among Ugandans and beyond.

Nigerian singer, David Adeleke is also known as Davido showed his love for the song when he tweeted about it, while Nigerian fans started comparing the song to the superstar Nigerian singer Wizkid.

One fan tweeted. “this song is better than all the music the Wizkid has released in the past two years.”

With Ezzy' s Tunbiza sound, he joins the league of Ugandan artists like Zex Bilangi Langi, B2C, Fikfameica, Karole Kasita, and many more that have had hit songs this year.

With the dust this song has gathered, should we anticipate a remix of Tumbiza sound with Davido on it?
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