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The music industry is very dynamic where one day you are loved and the next you are not, and one day you are in and the next- you are out. 

Every day we have new hopeful artists starting out in the industry. Most of them however end up dropping off and pursuing other projects because let’s face it-  not everyone who is told by their mum that they are talented is actually talented.

That aside, we have some emerging artists who are genuinely gifted, and given time, they will no doubt dominate the industry. We have identified a few such artists.


Born Priscilla Zawedde, Azawi was born and raised in the Kampala suburbs. She began her career in 2005 as a dancer Kika Dance Troupe.
Although she started writing songs and singing first as a hobby at school,  Azawi, later on, started selling her songs to artists as a way of making ends meet after her father’s death, a venture which she says did not pay very well. 

She joined a band in 2015, where she worked until 2019 when she walked to Swangz Avenue intending to sell her song "Quinamino," but instead got signed up as an artist and that was the stepping stone for her into music.

Azawi whose style can be described as versatile has already produced a number of hit songs including ‘Repeat It’ which has over 2.5 M views on YouTube and ‘Slow Motion’ with close to 4 million views.

This beautiful songbird definitely knows what she is doing and she is one of the up-and-coming stars to watch out for.

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An Known Prosper

An Known Prosper is an RnB singer, songwriter, performer, and guitarist from Entebbe and he is one of the budding artists on our watchlist.
An Known first came to the limelight in 2019 with his first hit ‘Doctor’, which was well received. He has since produced other hits such as  ‘Tonelabira’ and ‘Radio Call. 9’.

While his vocals are on top, An Known Prosper’s powerful lyrics that have been described by some fans as ‘mature and emotional’ will keep you listening.

An Known is already creating a solid fan base and we are all keen to hear his next song, knowing that in the coming years, An Known will be well known in Uganda and beyond.

Liam Voice

This 24-year-old who is also known as ‘Voice Baby’ has got one of those baritones that we love and as if that’s not enough- he is a lyrical genius too! If you are in doubt, just listen to his hit song ‘Omwoyo.’

Liam Voice discovered that he could sing earlier on in life and started out as a backup singer for other artists before releasing his first song- Ndiba Nkulinze in 2018 which failed to peak due to limited promotion.
He produced another single called GUMA in 2020, followed by more hits like ‘Love Olinonya.’

Liam Voice who  is currently managed by Chagga has already started getting noticed, In 2021 he was named 'Breakthrough artist of the year' by Hipipo's Awards.

He is currently, also a brand ambassador for an advertising company known as ‘Primax Out Door Advertising.’

Liam has “star” written all over and it’s just a matter of time before he takes over Uganda’s showbiz. 

Mudra D Viral

You might have first heard of Mudra D Viral only recently but this Ugandan singer/songwriter has been singing for quite some time now.

Mudra D Viral whose real name is Sebunya Alfa produced a couple of songs without commercializing them, he later decided to go mainstream, and here we are now.

This versatile artist has a number of hit songs to his name like ‘ Muyayu’ which has over 1.3 million views on YouTube.

We cannot wait to see what more he has for us.

Zex Bilangilangi

Zex Balingalingali whose real name is Mayega Tadeo .B. is another star that we will be following in the years to come.
Zex first created a buzz in the music industry in 2020 with his first song ‘Ratata.’ His other song that got people talking was ‘Magazine.’

Another reason why we will be watching him is that he has promised to release a full album with 30 songs in 2022, this is something that has never been done yet by any Ugandan artist and if he delivers then it will boost his reputation and make his name bigger.

Are there any other emerging artists that you think have what it takes to conquer the music industry? Let us know in the comments and we will feature them in our next article.

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