Weasel Manizo House Up For Sale

Is Weasel downgrading?

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Image of Weasel Manizo House
It appears that Douglas Mayanja, nicknamed Weasal Manizo, the last surviving member of the Goodlyfe crew, has given up on his ambition to live in a mansion in Entebbe near Lake Victoria. Weasal has reportedly put his unfinished shell house and land up for sale to collect some money from the building after failing to finish it, according to reports from our sources.

Weasal Manizo House

Weasel Manizo House (Facebook)

Weasal and his ex-singing buddy Mowzey Radio had purchased property in Katabi-Busambaga where they were building their retirement castles, it should be emphasized. However, since Radio passed away in 2018, progress on both projects has ceased.

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In the same neighborhood, Weasal is offering to sell a piece of land near to the abandoned beach house of the late singer Radio. We have learned that Weasal has subsequently sent real estate agents headquartered in Entebbe to find a buyer for his land and the unfinished house, which are valued at Sh700 million. Since the properties are close to one another, we are now unsure if the late singer's family is aware of this.
Weasel Manizo House (Facebook)

It is also revealed that the two ex-best friends purchased adjacent land plots in Busabala, albeit they have since degenerated into bushes full of wild animals and snakes because no developments have ever been made on the aforementioned area.


Weasel is said to have left his residence shortly after allegedly beating his lover and baby mama, Sandra Teta, according to information we have exclusively learned. Nassuna Bukaalami, the chairwoman of Ssempa village Local Council I, informed the meadia that her neighbor Weasel has since withdrawn from appearing before her village committee.
She even mentioned that Weasel hasn't been spotted near his residence since she first learned that he had beaten up his sweetheart. Uncertainty surrounds Weasel's residence and the motivations behind it. Sources, however, claim that Weasel also owns a residence in Entebbe's Wakiso neighborhood and speculate that the singer, who resembles a featherweight, may be residing there.
Weasel was not readily available for comment as of the time of publication. Weasel, on the other hand, stated last week in an interview with an online outlet that he "can't run away from my house."
"I won't keep crying forever. I am a lion, not a coward, but because I have homes in Kampala and Entebbe, I frequently spend the night away from Neverland, Weasel stated.

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