Bad Black Did This For Money!

People Are wicked

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Shanita Namuyimbwa also known as Bad Black came to the scene around 2010, she lived a flamboyant life and was known for throwing around money for no reason.

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At some point, she would do things based on her mood. There was a time Bad Black, out of excitement bought cars for people just because she felt that way.

People did not know where a prostitute formerly used to vend her Kuchi for as little as 20k become rich overnight.

The answer to that question is here, it came to light that Bad Black with partner in crime Meddie Sentonga stole money from a white investor. The money was estimated to be in billions of shillings.

But people did not understand how it all happened, Bad Black on tv show named Uncut on NBS TV revealed how she got the white man named David Greenhalgh to let go of his dimes.

Bad Blacks said that she had to engage In witchcraft to cast a spell on David so that he could easily release the money.

When asked where that witchdoctor can be found, she claimed she does not remember given the fact that it had been years from the time it happened.

Of course even when she successfully pulled it off, she had to face jail time as David demanded that she refunds the money, else, she faces jail time.

Bad Black served four years in jail, came out broke for some reason having lost almost everything, she embarked on her prostitution, until lately when she found love in a young man named Asha.

It is a wicked world, aint it?


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