What Did Bebe Cool Expect? A special Treatment!

He must be mad

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About a week ago, we did a story of how Bebe Cool’s son, Alpha Thierry, received a lot of criticism after he was part of the Uganda Hippos Team that was flown to Ghana for the U-2- and U-17 tournament, but didn’t play.

 We thought that would be it for now, but t turns out the boy and seven others that took part in the tournament missed their senior four examinations and Bebe Cool is not having it.

Bebe Cool took to his social media handles and expressed his disappointment in the ministry of Education questioning its course of action.

“Really big disappointment with the Uganda government and the Ministry of Education and Sports in particular on how they have handled the issue of missing Senior Four (S4) final exams by the young talented football players who have been/are on continental duty with the U-20 and U-17 Uganda National team.” Bebe Cool wrote.

He expressed his sentiments about how the government has failed to find jobs for most educated youth but never gives support to those young people who are trying to push their talents and education at the same time.

 “It's unfortunate that this government has never had plans to support every educated person by giving them a job after their tertiary education. I believe the youths who push their talents to turn them into a lifetime career/self-employment would be seen as an advantage.”

He demanded that there be a special way of making athletes take part in their sports and not be worried about missing out on their academics.

“After representing their flag, can't their flag (country) support them by organizing special exams so that their parents don't pay an extra year of fees. And of course, the time wasted,” he said.

Netizens were not about to take this as they jumped right into, it some felt like it was Bebe Cool’s fault that his son missed the exams because he knew by the time, he left the country, the timetable was already out.

“How can you live exams and go for football, Bebe Cool, your son is not special like you think, you loved money more than studies, so keep the money until next year.”

Others said, he couldn’t even control the ball, the best option would have been for him to stay and do exams.

Bebe Cool, your son can’t even play in the first 11 or under 20, he can’t even control the ball, but because of politics in Uganda, your son was selected, let him wait for next year.”

“Settle your stupidity, you decided to take your son for football as opposed to exams, and you support Museveni. You think you are special?”

Honestly, we think it was not wise of him to think, his son was going to get special treatment.


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