Why Is Bebe Cool Trying So Hard To Get Bobi wine’s Attention?


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Why is Bebe cool trying so hard to catch Bobi wine’s attention?
About two weeks ago, presidential campaigns kicked off In Uganda, and all presidential candidates started traversing the country to convince voters to elect them for the first job.

At the same time, National Resistance Movement (NRM) apologist-Musician, Musa Ssali is also known as Bebe cool with a group artists, Big eye, blogger Ismah Olaxes hit the road and headed for West Nile to distribute NRM branded T-shirts, a move Bebe cool thought would win over voters for President Museveni. 

While there, they pulled crowds that were not obeying the guideline put in place by the Electoral Commission as per the adherence to COVID19 standard operation procedures (SOP). in short, they were breaking the law.

Consequently, Bebe cool received calls from both the EC and the Police ordering him to stop the activity as it would put people in danger of contracting COVID19.

Meanwhile, in Iganga, Bobi wine too was being arrested for flouting COVID 19 restrictions, he was gathering more than 200 people contrary to the guidelines put in place. Bobi Wine was thrown in prison in Nlufenya, later produced in court, charged with gathering crowds with an attempt to spread disease, and later released on bail.

When Bobi Wine embarked on his Campaign rallies in Western Uganda where almost similar incidences happened- there were a lot of people that spontaneously followed Bobi wine being the people magnet he is. However, he was met with resistance by the police until he left the region.

When he took to Mukono District, the crowds became even bigger, prompting Police to use tear gas and live bullets to disperse the crowds. Some people died in the process while others got injured.

Bobi Wine’s car was shot at in what was described by many as an assassination attempt, while his prouder, Dan Magic lost several of his teeth. Bon wine’s head of Security, Afande Kato almost lost his scuffle.
Bobi wine helps his producer after he was injured by police
After observing how big of crowds Bobi wine pulled despite EC COVID 19 restrictions, Bebe cool took to his Facebook and said, “and still EC looks on as this guy continues to defy COVID 19 guidelines.”

 He added, “wow and you see them on all political tvs and radios discussing Bebe cool’s processions while EC is just looking on.”

Upon that ground, Bebe cool has said he was going to fight Bobi wine’s rallies at all costs, and he doesn't care whether he flouts COVID 19 restrictions or not.

Bebe cool said that he was not pleased with how the EC was treating the election with double standards, “how can they allow Bobi wine to have all those crowds and yet President Museveni who is the president is obeying the law, things are not balancing.”

He added that he has wiped all the money on his accounts and contracted several young people who are going to work with him on the project. Bebe cool also added he is going to break the law in that even if he gets summoned by Police or EC, he will hide until the elections are done”

 He emphatically put it that, he is going to face Bobi wine head-on, and promised not to give him any gap to sleep, “this is going to be a battle between me and Bobi wine and not Bobi wine and president Museveni because that young man has nothing to offer.” Bebe cool vented.

It is hard to understand why Bebe cool is trying so hard to poke Bobi wine in the eye. It is true that these two don't see eye to eye, but at the moment Bobi wine is on a different lane from Bebe cool's. Why is he trying so hard to get his attention? 
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