Winnie Nwagi Deserved An MTV Node Says Jackie Chandiru

Winnie Nwagi Deserves Better

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Former Blue3 band member, Jackie Chandiru has questioned the criteria used by the MTV Africa Music Awards to nominate Ugandan artists.

The Gold Digger singer said that there are artists that were left out on the nomination list yet they deserved to appear on the list because they had quality in both video and music.

An artist like Winnie Nwagi should not have been left out on the list because she is extremely talented, and her music and videos are so high in quality, we all know that.”

She added the team organizing the MAMAs should have done more research so that they could make proper decisions, “they should have been guided by the quality of music put out by an artist, video and the talent and not just numbers.”

Now she talks about numbers, it is probable that she was talking about Sheebah. Sheebah is not the most talented singer, but her hard work has earned her the numbers unlike most of the talented artist in Uganda.

Like they say numbers don’t lie, it is common practice today that people will assume that an artist with millions of views or streams their song is talented.

That could have been what partly influenced Sheebah’s nomination because Nwagi is much more talented than Sheebah, but she doesn’t have the numbers, yet Sheebah does.

Chandiru who almost died battling drug addiction to prescription medicines for years is now in Nairobi, Kenya trying to make a music come back on the Ugandan scene.

Her first project after recovering from rehab was 'Quarantine' which featured Arrow Boy from Kenya, the second one which she dropped, a week ago is titled with me.

Asked whether she is ready to face the competition from the new kids on the block, Chandiru said she is not going to compete with anyone because she is in her race.

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