Ykee Benda Is Finished, No Mercy!

Will He Survive

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The short man has suffered! Eeeeeh! Ever since he was appointed the president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), Ykee Benda has had it rough in the past six months.

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First off, because of his height, a lot of musicians find it hard to listen to his directives, even those that are short as him or even shorter than him like the Tumbiza hit make, Ezzy who he directed not to remix his song as per the directives by the ministry of health, but gave a deaf ear.

Now social media has over time become a very instrumental tool of advocacy and it has proven its effectiveness.

When the hashtag, 'Free Bobi' Wine eventually mounted pressure on the government to the release of the Ghetto gladiator, people's eyes were opened.

From that time, people have picked on that trend and it yielded fruit for example for Anti kaduka who was a vocal advocate for change, was arrested but the hashtag free Anti Kaduka led to her rescue.

So recently Bobi Wine’s campaign team was arrested which
consisted of Nubian Li who has been his close ally for years, Eddy Mutwe, Bobi Wine’s bodyguard, and many more.

Upon standing trial in Masaka and being given bail, the two were re-arrested and arraigned before the court-martial in Makindye and charged with illegal possession of firearms.

Upon that ground a hashtag, 'Free Nubian Li' started trending and people were tweeting and retweeting.

Given the fact that Nubian Li is a musician, people expected the President of Musicians to speak up.

Keyboard warriors mounted pressure in Ykee Benda threatening to cancel him for good.

The short musician fired back and said he was not going to support things he doesn’t understand, and most of all Nubian Li was arrested as a politician and musician therefore he can't do anything about it.

"This familiarity comes up because you think you just help us with your support. Hell No if I didn't do good music you wouldn't have purchased it, you wouldn't pay to see me perform. Our industry isn't a charity organization that you are just helping, no way you pay and we entertain you,”

I am the musician’s leader and I accept that I have a responsibility to them, but Nubian Li wasn't arrested as an artist but rather a politician, there is nothing I can do about it, " he said

Ykee Benda
becomes one among many musicians who have been intimidated by fan s online for not supporting Bobi wine or not speaking up when things that require their voice happen.

Let's wait after the election how people will treat artist that didn’t stand with Bobi Wine, we all know how Bebe Cool and Big eye were pelted with water bottles filled with urine on stage for not standing with Bobi Wine.

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