Ykee Benda Will Not Forgive Bad Black

It Was Not Fair

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City prostitute, Bad Black for a long time has been known to speak her mind about anything and anyone, she has no boundaries.

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The last of her victims was Bebe Cool whom She accused of having a pencil-thin- MutumBo, she claimed Bebe Cool was so small to the extent that he could not even last one minute in bed.

She confirmed that at one point she had a fling with the singer at a time when his wife was not on good terms with him.

About a week ago, Ykee Benda  during one of his weekend chills at a swimming pool took a picture of himself which was seemingly revealing his genitalia, the shape didn’t seem pleasing to many.

One of the many was Bad Black who was very disappointed by the length and size of the Ykee’s Mutombo.

She claimed she could not grant him a chance to coitus even if Ykee was the only man available on earth.

Black does not ball with boys like Ykee but rater with men who have something to show inside their pants.

While the dust was in hanging in the air, Ykee was quiet until he could not take it anymore. He took to his Twitter and lamented about how she disrespected him in public.

“I will not forgive you, Bad Black, you abused me and it was not nice.”

Black retaliated with an apology saying, Ykee was not being fair by flashing his small Mutumbo in public, she advised him to get circumcised or else, he might never get a chance to satisfy a woman.

Black is no joking subject.


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