Zahara Toto Faces Off With Tycoon Lwasa

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For the past two weeks, there have been rumors making rounds about the alleged relation between tv personality, Diana Nabatanzi, and the city Tycoon Lwasa.

Then came another rumor that Diana had lost her voice due to witchcraft that was masterminded by Lwasa’s wife only known as Faith.

But none of the two had come out to deny or confirm the allegations. However, eventually, the tycoon came out to clear the air.

He confirmed that he Knew who Diana was but she is just a business partner who also doubles as hid designer.

“She designs my outfits and that is just about it, there is nothing more to that.”

When asked about who bought Diana the car she is driving, he first denied it, but later on admitted that he is the one that bought her the car but it didn’t mean they had something going on between them.

To finally put the whole matter to rest the tycoon revealed the person peddling the propaganda about the alleged relationship between him and Diana, is tv host Zahara Toto.

Lwasa claims that Zahara is bitter because she tried to force herself on him, but he rejected her.

However, Zahara retaliated and said she would rather date an Ape than date Lwasa how practices witchcraft.

We don’t know who telling the truth or lying to us, but we know for sure that Zahara must have had something to do with the allegations because judging from the way she was agitated during UNCUT show on NBS, she was hurt by the statement from the tycoon.

She even claimed that Diana was destabilizing Faith’s marriage and she was rooting for her to fight off husband thieves.


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