Angry Zahara Totto Blasts Social Media In-Laws Over Her Own 'Kandahar'

It's My Vuvuzela

By  | Oct 29, 2020, 06:09 AM  | Zahara Totto  | Top of The

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City rumormonger Zahara Totto is not happy with social media in-laws who have bashed her for supplying her vuvuzela for servicing to different men, the latest being South African based Sangoma Don Bahati.

Zahara Toto’s appetite for cash and goodies has landed her several loaded guys who have bonked her to cabbage and she still desperately need more to quench her thirst for cassava.

Her jumping from one don to the other even prompted Masolo Queen Badblack in advising her to put a price tag on her Yoyo such that willing clients reach out to her to enjoy her 'Kandahar' for cash.

Notable figures who have chewed Zahara Toto include broke Bryan White, Don Solo, Reuben Roberts and Don Solo among others who have terrorized the mother of three in search for cash and goodies to meet her life demands. 

Now after settling down from, Zahara toto says it’s her own Sumbie, kids, men, own life and it shouldn’t bother the concerned Facebook in-laws who have branded her a certified thigh vendor despite approaching her menopause. 

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