Zari Back In The Dating Business.

Who is This Guy?

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After King Bae (her boyfriend after Diamond Platinumz) was shown to the world, Zari Hassan’s fans were so happy for her, she was back in love again.

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Social media was abuzz with King Bae's pictures, and it looked like she was finally going to settle once and for all.

Suddenly, things just went silent. We don’t know what happened to the new lad, except we just stopped seeing the pictures.

 Only God and Zari know what happened.

So since then, we had not seen any man rumored to be dating Zari or even just allegations of Zari having a fling with someone.

But with what is happening, Zari is begging to give us hints of who exactly is beginning to acquire the rights to coitus.

On the Instagram stories where she shared a couple of videos and pictures having fun, Zari posted a suspicious picture.

The picture was of a male hand that was wrapped around her boobs.

The posture suggested a man was standing behind her back but with his face concealed, Zari captioned the picture-‘adulting.’

What was she hinting at? Relationship or a sign that that that night was going to be full of action? We do not know.

But from what we saw in the picture, the posture in which the male hand-which we don’t the owner up now was holding a very sensitive part of Zari's body. 

That part of a woman’s body which if touched well could trigger excitement in coitus’ territory.

Whatever the case may be or might have been, we can confidently tell that Zari wanted to tell us something. 

Indeed, when the truth comes out eventually, we will keep you posted.

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