Zari Begins Weight Loss, Hits The Gym


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When Zari Hassan, also known as Zari The Boss Lady eventually visited her ex-baby father Diamond Platinum’s after years of living separately, a lot was noticed about Zari’s weight gain.

The two broke up on a dramatic Valentine's day when Zari jotted a breakup message to Diamond and coupled it with a black Rose that took netizens by storm.

Ever since that break-up, the Number one singer had never seen his two children until they decided to settle for co-parenting for the good of the children.

While on the first visit that reunited Diamond with is two children Nilan and Tiffah, Zari said that the weight gain was majorly due to the lockdown that rendered her Idle.

The Boss Lady said that all she was left to do was to eat, sleep, and watch television, hence the weight gain.

It seems after noticing the concern about her weight gain from the public, she hit the gym to cut off some weight and yes, it is paying off.

On her Instagram, she posted dazzling and sexy pictures of herself showing how the weight loss is taking shape.

She indicated that in just one week she had lost four kilograms and she will be back on track very soon.

Diamond’s desire might even become much bigger once Zari gets back to the sexy shape that used to run him crazy when they were still together.

Kibu needs prayers because what is coming his way is not going to spare the taset buds of his undying desire for Zari.

 After all, according to what we know, the Babalawo singer has no chance of getting that kuchie.
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