Zari Unfollows Fake Friends On Instagram, Leaves Only 9

Who made the cut?

By  | Oct 25, 2021, 09:45 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Top of The

Zari Hassan
Popular Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan, has unfollowed over one hundred friends on her Instagram page. She took the number down from 110 to a measly 9 people.

Before the unfollowing.

After the unfollowing.

Zari disconnects


Zari took to her Instagram stories to explain why she unfollowed so many people. The celeb noted that she was disconnecting with people as she deals with some personal issues and would connect with them later.

Zari also pointed out that the friends she didn’t unfollow were her closest pals. She made it clear that the decision wasn’t based on any ill will towards the unfollowed, but rather on a personal decision. She added that her real friends have her number and can reach her whenever they need to talk to her.

Diamond didn't make the cut.

The star noted that this was just a new chapter in her life, as she recently turned 41, and that this chapter holds a lot for her in terms of renewal, deliverance, and redemption.  

The videos were followed up by an image, in which The Boss Lady notes that she loves watching her personal growth.
What a show it is.

Zari's Instagram upgrades

The Boss Lady isn’t a stranger to drastic upgrades when it comes to her Instagram page. She had, in recent time, taken a three-month hiatus of no comments on her page. She didn't give any explanation as to why her social media comments section was turned off. 

She really is The Boss Lady.

The South Africa-based Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur, though, gave her fans a treat. As part of her 40th birthday celebrations, she opened the comment section for fans to have some fun with her. 

These social media streets can be very demeaning. Not everyone will be your fan. The same person who may want a selfie with you in the streets of Kampala is not the same on social media. It's a totally different ball game. 

Even though her comment section is on now, Zari has made her page private and any new fan who wants to get a glimpse of her page has to wait for the approval. What do you think about Zari’s latest changes on her Instagram page?

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